In today’s increasingly connected world, there is a constant threat looming.  Groups or individuals are actively looking to access your IT infrastructure and compromise your data or resources.  In the best situation, the consequences cause embarrassment for the victim.  In the worst situation, a security breach can lead to significant financial loss to your organization, your constituents or customers, or both.  In the very worst of situations, an intrusion can result in our very safety and security being threatened.

Today, technology advances rapidly and the potential vulnerabilities develop as quickly as a particular technology evolves.  Considering the huge range of technology that forms the IT assets, all changing independently, organizations face a constant challenge, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities.  The security experts at Strong Link Data have developed a comprehensive approach to address all aspects of information assurance management and preparedness.

Prepare and Prevent We work with you to understand your existing IT assets.  We help you foresee the technological trends that will impact the next change in your IT platforms that may present an opening that can be exploited.  Then, working closely with you, we perform an exhaustive risk assessment and develop a detailed plan that strengthens your existing defenses. Upon approval of the plan we then help you implement the new tools and/or configure existing assets to harden each of your IT platforms.

Detect We help you implement technology and processes that detect attempts to find or exploit vulnerabilities, or identify mistakes that could expose the organization to external threat.  We work with your team to implement the processes and protocols necessary to react quickly and decisively to prevent impact from exploitation, and to conduct the forensic analysis necessary to determine the scope of any specific incident.

Mitigate Strong Link Data delivers comprehensive services and helps your organization respond to any identified threat to the existing IT assets.  We help you develop the services to immediately respond to an attack, or enact business continuity services to quickly recover access to application and data resources.

Whether you need a partner to manage the certification and accreditation process, strengthen existing security tools and techniques, or evaluate and evolve a comprehensive information assurance strategy, Strong Link Data’s security professionals can assist.