IT Service Management

Effective IT organizations understand it is imperative to align IT activities with the goals of the business. Today, predictable service delivery, IT accountability, and bottom-line value have become expectations of functional departments throughout the organization. Delivering IT services that meet the needs of the business is a complex undertaking involving a multitude of IT components –servers, networks, databases, and applications. Strong Link Data’s IT Service Management (ITSM) Service Offering helps IT departments establish best practice processes and lay the necessary foundation to deliver IT services as expected.

SLD’s ITSM consulting service offers a proven approach to identifying disconnects between IT and the business while managing the complexities of the technology needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is rapidly gaining widespread acceptance as the standard framework for IT Service Management. But ITIL only answers the question “what?” Where to go and how to get there are the keys to effective implementation of ITIL and other guidance principles. SLD’s best-practice approach (the result of many years’ experience across the entire spectrum of IT disciplines) identifies the critical success factors for effective IT Service Management:

  • Business Service Definition and Alignment
  • Service Level Objective Definition and Mapping
  • Operational Plan Definition
  • Implementation and Performance Reporting
  • Service Forum Review
  • Service Level Optimization & Service Improvement