Incident Management

Outages exist in every IT organization. While technology reduces business impact, outages continue to test an IT organization’s responsiveness and understanding of business processes. Incident Management is the processes an IT organization uses to manage one or more outages or impending outages.

Organizational responsiveness to outages has a direct impact on the length of the outage, and the coordination required to mitigate the outage. A proactive approach to Incident Management reduces response time, improves communication, and maintains continuity of business thus reducing the impact.

The processes used during an incident can be predictable and reliable. Through observation, organizational learning, and practice drills, in-house and outsourced staff can become consistent and improve their Incident Management skills.

Effective Incident Management is a learned behavior. Strong Link Data works to understand your culture, identify working processes, and integrate industry best practices for Incident Management processes designed to work in your environment.

We quickly uncover and target weaknesses in your Incident Management processes. Our methods create a supportive and collaborative environment where simplified reporting, productive meetings and clear responsibility and accountability encourage active participation by staff resulting in consensus-based deliverables.