Disaster Recovery

IT disaster recovery incorporates development of recovery plans for the:

  • Critical applications
  • Data center infrastructure
  • Other IT assets and shared services


Frequently IT has already built some level of disaster protection and has struggled to engage the rest of the organization in defining realistic recovery objectives. As a result, there will be gaps in IT’s recovery strategy. In some cases, critical applications and technical infrastructure may be inadequately protected, while in other cases IT may have over invested in recovery solutions. Strong Link Data’s experts will assist your IT organization to define realistic, properly grounded recovery objectives and create new plans or modify those that already exist.

Our DR approach starts with evaluating existing assets and developing the SLD high availability architecture for our client that will provide a robust and redundant service as a strong base for DR.

  • Reliable – SLD will evaluate current COOP environments, documentation and procedures. We will work with our client to define specifics to the environments, ensure no single-point failures, and validate that current infrastructure is fully redundant within itself and has a 100% fail over capability. The information we gather will be used to develop explicit plans, methodologies and procedures that will successfully execute DR.


  • Secure – Our relevant past performance, the acumen of our staff and the maturity of our management process will give Strong Link Data the oversight and directional authority in the program to ensure that solutions put forth are DIACAP compliant.


  • Flexible – SLD will evaluate current systems and add—as needed—new tools and systems to improve efficiencies and redundancy in the environment. We will work with our client to integrate new tools into current legacy systems and allow for flexibility as systems gradually transition away from legacy technologies.


  • Fully Planned – SLD will create a detailed plan for annual testing. These plans will coordinate directly with our client for timing and extent of tests. We will generate an After Action Report (AAR) after testing and deliver test results. Deficiencies will be addressed per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


  • Scalable – Strong Link Data will use current standards and infrastructure that are functioning and expand them (as needed) to meet future needs and growth while maintaining 100% fail over capability. Our DR engineers will update SOPs; deficiencies will be scheduled for a retest once corrected via the updated SOPs once approved by the Government.


  • Responsive – Our technical approach is based on the premise that fast response to issues are mandatory and that service levels are paramount. Strong Link Data will generate an on-call roster for the staff. During emergencies and exercises, a call tree will determine accountability and status of personnel. Upon request of our client, we will be able to provide 100% personnel accountability status of contract staff at any time.


  • Compliant – All of SLD’s DR plans, processes, procedures and documentation will comply with the Federal Executive Branch National Continuity Program’s Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2.