About Strong Link Data

Corporate Overview

Strong Link Data’s corporate mission is to help our clients architect, design, procure, implement, and integrate new and existing business critical technologies. We have the proven ability to harness the power of innovative products to build systems that are supportable and affordable.

We recognize that it can be quite difficult in today’s fast paced, constantly changing high tech environment, for companies to hire and retain engineers that can fully grasp new trends and possibilities in the industry. Not only is that kind of talent difficult to find and hold on to, but many companies are not large enough to require that caliber of personnel on a day-to-day basis.

Strong Link Data provides that talent “as needed”. With our staff of experienced corporate IT professionals, we can understand and flexibly assist both large and small companies improve their information, server, and end user application availability.

We can provide a full spectrum of service, from a few hours of consultation that can help you gain some clarity about what vendors are trying to sell, to full blown design and implementation of solutions.

Vendor Independence

When it is time for new projects, too often companies rely solely on a hardware or software vendor to provide them with insight and guidance that is both cutting edge and cost effective. Most vendors offer good products. Some of them form partnerships with other vendors to try to package a comprehensive solution. Still others try to place all of the bits and pieces of a package under their own corporate umbrella, usually watering down their technology in the process. Most vendors will try to tell you “you can only do it this way with these pro-ducts”. All of their product choices come from “strategic relationships” or branches of their own company. At Strong Link Data we offer “out of the box” ideas and proven solutions. We fully research and test every product that we integrate into a solution independent of vendor claims.

Our corporate philosophy is to remain vendor independent. Not that we don’t have strong partnerships with today’s leading players. We do. We even have our favorites, but only because they offer an innovative yet rock solid technology. We are always flexible and recognize the need to understand the competition; what each player brings to the market. If a vendor falls behind because they are resting on their laurels or because their business model dictates that they need to milk more profit from their old products we find out about it and seek out the next technology leader. We are always focused on solutions that work today and represent the best technology for the foreseeable future. We can help your business separate fact from fiction, business politics from valid technical options.

Too often, “System Integrators” or “Value Added Resellers” couple themselves too closely with the vendors that they represent. They can’t venture outside the box the vendor has put them in. Their business model cannot accept the risk of jeopardizing an existing partnership. This tunnel vision can cost your business money. Strong Link Data sells and implements products from partners that have proven, best of breed products. We test what we recommend – before we try to sell it to you.

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